Forbidden City


  The Imperial Palace (Forbidden City ) represents masterpiece in the development of imperial palace architecture in china.It stands for the Chinese civilization at that time(1420-1911) .It is an huge book of history and culture telling you the outstanding embodiment of Chinese hierarchical culture in layout ,design ,the life style and the values of royal family ,decoration of the building complex.


  Forbidden City now we Chinese tourists often call it ‘the Palace Museum ‘Gugong’ in chinese,and tourists from outside of china call it ‘Forbidden City’ .It is located in the centre of Beijing city and built in the year of 1406 and finished in 1420.



  It covers an area of 720,000 square metres and the building area is 150,000 square metres.It originally had 9999.5 rooms and only 8707 rooms now.There are 24 emperors ruling china in the Forbidden City and 14 of them from Ming dynasty and 10 of them from Qing dynasty.Fourgates in four directions were built in the Forbidden City. South to north is 960 metres long and east to west is 750 metreswide.It is surrounded by a 10 metre high walls , and outside the wall is the 52 metres wide , 3800metres long moat around, constitute a complete defense system.

  It is devided into two parts , front court and back yard.The front court was for the ceremonies at the big occasions such as emperor’s enthronement ,birthday,wedding,Chinese new year eve ,winter solstice and the imperial exam.The back yard was for the daily state affair of emperor ,and all the imperial family memebers lived there .

  In 1987 , The Forbidden City was listed by the UNESCO as ‘world cultural heritage site’ committee evaluation: ‘Forbidden City is the supreme power centre in china for more than five centuries with its landscaped gardens , furniture and crafts,which is the priceless historical testimony of chinese civilization in Ming and Qing dynasties.


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