The Confucius Temple


  Highest level of Confucius Temple in china , as the Emperors in the Yuan , Ming ,Qing dynasties all came here to pay homage to the ancient sage Confucius.


  Built in 1306 during the Yuan dynasty , Confucius Temple is located in Guozijian street ,dongchengdistrict.Toit’s right is the imperial college which is the highest institution of higher learning.The two group of buildings were built , along the central axis symmetrical Chinese traditional architectural style , consisting of a set of complete , grand, magnificent ancient architectureal complex.

  Built in 478 BC ,Confucius Temple in Qufu ,Shangdong province, is the first and largest Confucius temple in china. Confucius died in the 477 BC ,and his three rooms were kept as collecting his clothes , books .The soldiers also guarded here , and sacrifices were held here four times a year by the king.His residential rooms were very simple .

  In 195 BC , Emperor liu Bang passed the place ,and he himself worshiped Confucius with the sacrifice of pigs , ox,sheep .That created the beginning of worshiping Confucius in Chinese history .In late of Emperor wu in Han dynasty , Confucianism became the leading thought in ancient china.

  Here there are many show rooms telling you the stories of Confucius , and it is good place to know Confucius and his thought.


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