Great Wall of China

  The Great Wall regarded as a great miracle of the world history of architecture.The Great Wall is a great defense project in ancient China mainly against the normadic tribes’invasion.It embodies the perseverance and wisdom of the people in ancient China, and also shows the history of Chinese nation .The time to build the Great Wall of China lasted longest period in the world architecture history.Since the BC Seven-eight century began, continuity built more than 2000 years , Such a huge project , not only in China , but also in the world, is unique.



  From 7th century BC , Different kingdoms built their own walls to protect the own territories.In 221 BC , Kingdom Qin defeated other 6 kingdoms and unified the whole country. King of Kingdom Qin became the first emperor in Chinese history.In order to well protect the territory , Emperor Qin(221,BC,-206,BC) had the wall in northern china connected .The connected wall became 5000 kilometres long wall in china ,that was the Great Wall of China .It took 10 years to link up the great wall , About 1 million people died,and the total population at that time was 5 millions.

  Among all the dynasties in china , only 3 dynasties the goverments built the wall in large scale.Those are the Qin ,the first dynasty after the unification of china ,Han dynasty(206,BC-220,AD), Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).

  Han Emperors(206,BC-220,AD) found the former great wall in Qin dynasty was effective wall to keep the normadic people away , so another 5000 kilometres wall extanded west to Xingjiang Gobi Desert.It well pretected the trades and communications from Asia to Europe , Africa.

  Ming dynasty (1368-1644) ,was set up after the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).Kublai khan , Genghis khan ruled china . For the better protection of the people and country , Ming emperors started building the Ming great walls .Most of the great walls we visit today are Ming great wall .

  There was a popular saying made by Mao zhedong ,our first chairman ,and it went as : ‘he who has not been to the Great Wall is not a real man ’. So Great Wall of china is the top one travel destination in china .

  In December 1987 , the great wall was listed as a world heritage site.


  Length at different times:

  1) Qin Great Wall (221,BC-206,BC): 5000 kilometres (3107miles)

  2) Han Great Wall (206,BC-220,AD): 10000 kilometres (6214miles)

  3) Ming Great Wall (1368—1644): 8851.8 kilometres (5500miles)

  4) Total length now (2012): 21196.18 kilometres (13171miles)

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