Great Wall at Simatai

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  Car rate: ¥1000--¥1500/per vehicle,(not per person)


  Simatai Great Wall is the only reserved section with the original appearance of Ming Great Wall,which means no renovation after it’s original construction.Because of its special topographical condition and the creation of the builder’s wisdom,the wall go up and down with wide and narrow shape on the blade-like ridges.If you want to see the very original one from Ming dynasty more than 500 years old wall ,Simatai is nice choice.But it is very dangerous and some single walls were built on the cliffs.



  Simatai Great Wall is located in the north of Simatai village, Gubeikou town where is east part of the Jinshanling Great Wall.It is about 120 kilometres away from the city centre in Miyuncounty.It is 5.4 kilometres long and 35 watchtower are built along the wall.TheSimatai Great Wall reservoir devide the Great Wall into two parts .The average distance of the watchtowers is only 140metres.There are two famous watchtowers at the east end of the peak of Great Wall,namely the fairy watchtower and wangjingtower.On the top of the wangjing watchtower you can see the Beijing city.

  Professor Luozhewen,the famous Great Wall expert ,say :’ Great Wall is the best in the world , but the Simatai Great Wall is the best of the bests’.

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